1.  Complete this form “Application for enrolment".

2.  Complete this form “General enquiry about learner".

      Note: This needs to be completed by your child's previous school and needs to have the school stamp.

3.  With your application we require: 

  • The learner’s birth certificate/ ID card

  • Parent/ Legal guardian’s ID card

  • Proof of address of the parent/ legal guardian, not older than 3 months (preferably a municipal account)

  • Latest school report of the learner.

  • Latest school fees statement of the learner.

  • In cases where the learner does not live with his/her biological parents, please supply the following:

    • Court order confirming that the learner has been placed in the care of the guardian.

    • Formal notice from welfare stating that the learner has been placed in the care of the guardian.

    • Sworn affidavit from the parents that the learner is temporarily living with family / friends of the family for logistical purposes, as well as a sworn affidavit from the particular family / friends of the family confirming this.

    • An original letter of confirmation from the hostel where the learner resides during school terms.  It must be written on an official letterhead, as well as stamped and signed by the head of the organisation.

  • In cases where the parent / legal guardian are self-employed or the owner of a business, the application form must be accompanied by bank statements of the past 3 months.



The school will invite the learner for an interview and make contact to establish a suitable time. 

  Here are some broad questions, the learner can expect.


  • Tell us about yourself

  • Tell us about your academic goals and achievements

  • Tell us about your sport goals and achievements

  • Tell us about your cultural goals and achievements


For all learners who wish to follow the art stream, the following preparations must be done in addition to the interview


  • Music:

  During the interview, the learner will have the opportunity to sing or play a music instrument of choice. 

  • Dramatic Arts:

During the interview the learner will be asked to either recite a poem or make up a story based on a given picture. We test your English and Afrikaans.

  • Dance

The facilitator will test the learner’s movement capability, rhythmic sense and ability to improvise. A short dance (between 60 and 90 seconds) must be prepared to perform during the interview. The dance must be in a recognized dance style for example, Contemporary, Classic, Modern, Spanish, Ballet, Ballroom, Hip-Hop, etc.

  • Visual Art

During the interview the learner will be expected to sketch an inanimate object, such as a box of matches using only a pencil.  Tools will be provided. The learner’s perception for depth and perspective as well as light, shade and form will be assessed during the audition.

  • Design

This is basically the same as with Visual Art.  The only difference is that the facilitator will assess facets in the pencil sketch such as placement, spatial orientation, detail and relational comparison.